Clockwork: hand winding, automatic or quartz?


The name says it all: The watch has to be wound by hand regularly. Tightening the spring activates the watch. A popular principle among classic watch enthusiasts.

Watches with a wind-up mechanism are still made to this day. Von Doren has one hand-wound collection called the Von Doren Treasuremaster. An exclusive and refined watch with Swiss hand-wound movement. View the collection here: Von Doren Treasuremaster.


An automatic timepiece has a self-winding mechanism. This means that the watch is wound by movement. When you wear the watch, the movements of your wrist will ensure that the watch is activated. This mechanism was conceived in 1923 and later refined by other watch brands. This principle has not changed since then. A rotor in the watch converts wrist movements into winding the spring.

Due to the complexity and craftsmanship, the automatic timepiece is the real watch for many. It's a respected technique. An automatic watch from Von Doren is the limited edition Von Doren Grandmaster Mark ll collection. Incorporating some subtle chess style cues, the Grandmaster Mark II watches evoke the spirit of the game that has captivated legions of followers for over 1,000 years. View the collection here: Von Doren Grandmaster Mark ll



Quartz watches use a completely different technique. A quartz model contains the so-called quartz crystals. These crystals are powered by a battery that makes the crystals vibrate. A major advantage of this technique is that quartz crystals always vibrate at the same frequency, which means that quartz watches display the time very precisely.

Since the frequency of quartz watches is the same throughout the universe, quartz watches are extremely precise and a lot more accurate than mechanical watches.

Due to the simpler movement, the quartz watch is often more affordable than an automatic watch.

The Runde quartz collection is therefore the entry-level model of Von Doren. Runde is also known as 'Treasure Island' because of the gold finds found in the shipwreck of Akerendam, a Dutch ship that sank in 1725. This stylish watch is full of surprises. Read the whole story here: The Story Behind Von Doren Runde



  • The second hand on an automatic moves smoothly, while on a quartz watch it goes in ticking movements.
  • A quartz watch has a battery that needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years. An automatic watch will continue to work as long as there is movement. However, periodic maintenance is important for an automatic watch because of the complex system.
  • A quartz watch runs very accurately, whereas an automatic can deviate a few minutes/seconds over a longer period of time.
  • A quartz watch is often a lot more affordable than an automatic watch.

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Interessant artikel! Welk uurwerk heeft de Aksla collectie?

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