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junior world champion - grandmaster

Aryan tari

Meet Aryan Tari, Chess Grandmaster, former World Junior Champion and Brand Ambassador for Von Doren Fine Timepieces. Tari started playing chess at the age of just five. As of July 2021, he is the second-highest rated player in Norway today!

Porsche Cup driver


Getting his first go-cart at the age of four, Marius started his motorsport career early on. Having a track close to his home in Aaelsund, Marius drove thousands of laps during his first seasons. He then proved to be one of the fastest drivers in his 2001 racing debut in the Formula Cadetti class, and was amongst the fastest drivers. Nakken is a Von Doren Brand Ambassador since 2017.

Photographer of the Year 2018

Arne Beck

Arne Beck is a Norwegian award-winning photographer who was named Photographer of the Year in 2018. After serving his apprenticeship with master photographer Hans J. Brun, Beck has developed and honed his skills from a traditional school of classical craftsmanship.

With a profound passion for his craft he continues to explore modern photographic styles. It is at the crossroad between the classic and the modern Beck finds his expression.

Studies in art history and neuroaesthetics further enhances his perspective and provides deeper insight in the magic world of photography.